Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home

When people hear the word "hardwood," they automatically think of charm, richness, and classic looks that never go out of style. These floors last for decades and often look even better with age. Please continue reading to hear what we tell customers about choosing the right hardwood floor for their needs.

Solid vs. engineered wood floors

On the surface, the two versions look very similar, but the construction is different. While solid is one thickness throughout, engineered wood flooring is layered, giving it stability and a better ability to handle water. The top layer of engineered wood floors consists of your species-of-choice, with knots, grains, swirls, and undertones. However, underneath are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a little resin and then placed in a crosswise position. Unlike solid, it doesn’t shrink or contract to adjust to the weather, needs no acclimation, and can be installed in any grade level. Like solid, it can be refinished, lasts for years, and adds value to a property.

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Consider both design and needs in flooring

Right now, the most popular species choices are hickory, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and ash, but you certainly aren’t limited to those woods. Keep in mind that each hardwood has a different strength level, so tell your flooring expert if you have extra durability needs. Also, what color best coordinates with your home’s style? Do you have a preference as to the number of knots, grains, and swirls? Do you want a wide or narrow plank or a mixed-width?

Decide on flooring thickness

Whether it's solid or engineered thickness matters because it determines how often the wooden floors can be refinished. Ideal for solid is ¾-inch thick, while engineered has a range from ⅝ to ½ inch. Solid can be sanded up to five times and engineered up to four, depending on that measurement.

Solid hardwood is a tongue and groove installation, while engineered hardwood also offers the floating floor technique fast, uncomplicated, and less expensive. Here, the pieces click together to mat, then hover over the subfloor, which must be clean, dry, and level.
Hardwood flooring in Lexington, KY from Kevin's Carpets

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